Saturday 19 May 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

...So the plan for mum and I to write on here three times a week isn't going so great at the moment, but she does have a reasonable excuse - she was getting stuff ready for my Birthday!  Having been rescued, no-one really knows when my real birthday is so back when Mum first got me she picked this date - which means I'm officially four today! 

I didn't know anything about it until she came down this morning and sang Happy Birthday to me when I came to greet her as usual. I could tell a 'birthday' was a special occasion as she seemed quite excited, and when I went into the lounge I realised why.  Hidden behind the cushions on the sofa, I could smell something doggy like. When Mum encouraged me to take a look, I knew it must be a present!  I snuffled around, front paws on the sofa and found not one, but TWO new squeaky toys to play with (one from Mum, one from Auntie J - thanks both!)!!! 

I was soooo excited, I ran round the house wagging my tail, and I wouldn't stay still long enough for Mum to get a clear photo of me to put on here.  All the pictures she got are blurry - well, what does she expect?!  New toys ARE one of the most exciting things EVER!

I did have to go to work with her for the morning but Nanny and Gramps rescued me at lunchtime and I spent the rest of the afternoon with my 2 best mates, Bo Bo and Bear.  Bo Bo's a two year old labradoodle and we spend most of our time together playing.  Bear's a nine year old retriever so he takes a bit more persuading to join in, but he did today - so all in all I love this Birthday lark.

Mum says I have to wait a whole year for my next one... I'm counting down already!

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