Thursday 28 June 2012

Deer Chase

OK, so Mum's been really rubbish at getting into this blogging thing.  I keep nudging her in the direction of the computer but she never seems to get round to actually opening it up and typing!  I did something funny the other day though that convinced her to share...

She and I were out walking at one of my favourite spots in the forest when she suddenly spotted some movement in the woods to her left.  Looking over she saw the back of two deer, white rumps bobbing away from her at some speed, quickly followed by another two, then me!  I say me loosely as the length of the grass meant all she could actually see was my sticky up ears!

After a few seconds, I heard the whistle she's been training me with.  I'm not perfect with it yet but know it means she wants me to come back to her, so I dutifully changed course in the general direction of the sound.  What she wasn't expecting was that I'd bring the deer with me!

When we crossed her path I still had all four deer in front of me, and I was trying my best to keep them that way, running at full pelt.  Coz I didn't stop she blew the whistle again and this time when I passed I only had two deer left, and they split up so I could only chase one.  I did that for a bit longer, but then I got bored, and hearing Mum's whistle for the third time thought I should head back. 

She says it was like something from a Benny Hill sketch... not that I know who he is! Once she stopped laughing she told me off for chasing them, but I just told her 'I am a Shepherd Mum, it's in my nature to herd animals!'  Hee hee.

I've not seen my new mates since but hope we bump into each other again soon!