Friday 3 August 2012

My new perfume

I had a great walk this morning!  I smelt something fabulous as soon as I stepped out of the car so wandered off when Mum wasn’t looking to investigate further… by the time she realised I was missing I’d managed to roll both sides of my neck and my harness in ‘eau de fox poo’ – mmmmm!  I tried to spend as much of the walk as I could down wind of Mum so she could enjoy the smell, but she didn’t seem to like it that much.  In fact she took me off to the stream at the end to wash me off!

I didn’t mind though as she took me off the track and we stumbled across a deer!  And you all know what that means… play time!  After a minute or so I came back ultra excited, running round like a nutter and then yelped as I hurt myself… that’ll teach me for not concentrating :O(

The pain didn’t last long so I was able to carry on bounding down to the water.  I love the water but didn’t have so much fun in it today as Mum had me on the lead so she could wash my perfume off.  I don’t think it worked very well though as she’s been calling me smelly dog in the office all day!

Can’t wait to see what my walk after work brings – will let you know if it’s anything exciting  :O)

Thursday 28 June 2012

Deer Chase

OK, so Mum's been really rubbish at getting into this blogging thing.  I keep nudging her in the direction of the computer but she never seems to get round to actually opening it up and typing!  I did something funny the other day though that convinced her to share...

She and I were out walking at one of my favourite spots in the forest when she suddenly spotted some movement in the woods to her left.  Looking over she saw the back of two deer, white rumps bobbing away from her at some speed, quickly followed by another two, then me!  I say me loosely as the length of the grass meant all she could actually see was my sticky up ears!

After a few seconds, I heard the whistle she's been training me with.  I'm not perfect with it yet but know it means she wants me to come back to her, so I dutifully changed course in the general direction of the sound.  What she wasn't expecting was that I'd bring the deer with me!

When we crossed her path I still had all four deer in front of me, and I was trying my best to keep them that way, running at full pelt.  Coz I didn't stop she blew the whistle again and this time when I passed I only had two deer left, and they split up so I could only chase one.  I did that for a bit longer, but then I got bored, and hearing Mum's whistle for the third time thought I should head back. 

She says it was like something from a Benny Hill sketch... not that I know who he is! Once she stopped laughing she told me off for chasing them, but I just told her 'I am a Shepherd Mum, it's in my nature to herd animals!'  Hee hee.

I've not seen my new mates since but hope we bump into each other again soon!

Saturday 19 May 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

...So the plan for mum and I to write on here three times a week isn't going so great at the moment, but she does have a reasonable excuse - she was getting stuff ready for my Birthday!  Having been rescued, no-one really knows when my real birthday is so back when Mum first got me she picked this date - which means I'm officially four today! 

I didn't know anything about it until she came down this morning and sang Happy Birthday to me when I came to greet her as usual. I could tell a 'birthday' was a special occasion as she seemed quite excited, and when I went into the lounge I realised why.  Hidden behind the cushions on the sofa, I could smell something doggy like. When Mum encouraged me to take a look, I knew it must be a present!  I snuffled around, front paws on the sofa and found not one, but TWO new squeaky toys to play with (one from Mum, one from Auntie J - thanks both!)!!! 

I was soooo excited, I ran round the house wagging my tail, and I wouldn't stay still long enough for Mum to get a clear photo of me to put on here.  All the pictures she got are blurry - well, what does she expect?!  New toys ARE one of the most exciting things EVER!

I did have to go to work with her for the morning but Nanny and Gramps rescued me at lunchtime and I spent the rest of the afternoon with my 2 best mates, Bo Bo and Bear.  Bo Bo's a two year old labradoodle and we spend most of our time together playing.  Bear's a nine year old retriever so he takes a bit more persuading to join in, but he did today - so all in all I love this Birthday lark.

Mum says I have to wait a whole year for my next one... I'm counting down already!

Sunday 13 May 2012

Plunging snout first into the Blogosphere!

Wow, my first blog!  Mum decided we should write something to record how I’m progressing and thought it’d be nice to share it with others as well, so here we are – blogging novices attempting to learn the ropes together!
My story starts just under a year ago when I arrived at the Rescue Centre, under-nourished and very scared.  I don’t remember much about back then but I do remember how lovely all the staff were.  They would stay with me while I ate whenever they could as it was the only time I really felt safe enough to eat something. There was lots of noise around me and other dogs barking – I just didn’t know what was going on.
Looking back, I think my lack of appetite was mainly down to nerves.  Although I’m still not the world’s greatest eater, I will now pester Mum if I’m too late being fed, so that’s a definite improvement on when we met!   
Talking of which, I’ll never forget the day Mum came into my life.  She was quite a way from home and only in the area with Nanny to see old friends.  She wasn’t supposed to be stopping into the Rescue Centre at all.  But she had been to all her local animal shelters and hadn’t found a suitable dog, so Nanny convinced her to try one they’d seen on the internet.
Apparently they walked along all the kennels but I was hiding in the closed, back section of mine as usual so they couldn’t see me.   They read the card on the fence that said I was a 3 year old German Shepherd Female, and called my name a few times to try to entice me out.  I wasn’t having any of it though!  In the end, Mum went back to the reception to ask if I was around, and the lady said yes, that I’d just be hiding but they could bring me out so Mum could see me if she wanted.  Amazingly, she said yes! 
I knew then that she might be the one for me.  After all, how many people would read a card on a kennel fence and follow it up without seeing the animal?  I could have been the invisible dog for all she knew but she was willing to take a chance...
So, out the staff came with me on a harness and lead, and after completing some paperwork Mum was allowed to take me for a walk around the paddock.  On our way there, Nanny kept scaring me – well actually her rustling coat did! - so she decided to wait at the end of the walk to see if Mum and I would bond.  By midway along the first side of the field, Mum had won my trust.  To prove it, when we stopped I licked her hand, and that’s the moment I totally won her heart. 
At the end of the walk Mum sat down on the ground to discuss me with Nanny.  Just to make sure she didn’t change her mind, while they were chatting I sat by Mum’s side and kissed her on the face, then I laid down and protectively put both my front paws across her leg.  She had such a kind air about her there was no chance I was going to let her go!
I did panic for a minute when she handed my lead, and me, back to the Centre staff.  Then I saw a tear in her eye because she was having to leave me, and heard her say “see you soon” as I was walking away.  I knew she’d be back for me.
Well, I think I’d better stop now – I may have got a bit carried away!  Hopefully you’ll forgive me.  Next time I’ll tell you about the day Mum came to collect me...
In the meantime, I hope you’ve enjoyed my first hello – please feel free to leave comments!