Friday 3 August 2012

My new perfume

I had a great walk this morning!  I smelt something fabulous as soon as I stepped out of the car so wandered off when Mum wasn’t looking to investigate further… by the time she realised I was missing I’d managed to roll both sides of my neck and my harness in ‘eau de fox poo’ – mmmmm!  I tried to spend as much of the walk as I could down wind of Mum so she could enjoy the smell, but she didn’t seem to like it that much.  In fact she took me off to the stream at the end to wash me off!

I didn’t mind though as she took me off the track and we stumbled across a deer!  And you all know what that means… play time!  After a minute or so I came back ultra excited, running round like a nutter and then yelped as I hurt myself… that’ll teach me for not concentrating :O(

The pain didn’t last long so I was able to carry on bounding down to the water.  I love the water but didn’t have so much fun in it today as Mum had me on the lead so she could wash my perfume off.  I don’t think it worked very well though as she’s been calling me smelly dog in the office all day!

Can’t wait to see what my walk after work brings – will let you know if it’s anything exciting  :O)